Affiliate marketing is an industry that has exploded in recent years. Many people are taking advantage of the fantastic opportunities that affiliate marketing provides in terms of lifestyle. Running an affiliate business only required a working laptop with an internet connection.

It almost sounds to good to be true but boy am I glad that it isn’t. The world we live in right now is a digital world, a very different place compared to just twenty years ago.

If you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer you want to target an affiliate network that provides everything you need. There are platforms out there that provide all the training, tools and resources you need to get started with your own affiliate marketing business in a relatively short space of time. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, your can read all about the basics of affiliate marketing here.

The majority of super affiliates today make the bulk of their income through high paying affiliate programs. These programs usually have products and/or services that sell for thousands of dollars.  It makes complete sense to go for high-ticket items as you will only need to sell a small handful to make thousands of dollars in commissions.

Moving on to some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms of today:

SHAREASALE – One of the largest affiliate networks, this platform has around 4000 merchants on their list, many of which are exclusive to them.

This affiliate network publishes a high amount of information about each company that you can become an affiliate for. Information includes things like:

Average earnings per click.

Average commissions.

Average sale amount.

This type of information gives you a good idea of the ROI you can get for promoting a certain companies product or service. These figures are by no means set in stone but they do provide a good benchmark when for your campaigns.

CJ Affiliate – Another massive affiliate network. CJ Affiliate is actually the biggest affiliate platform on the internet. They have thousands upon thousands of retailers that registered with them. Almost every major retailer is listed in this affiliate network. With CJ Affiliate you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to affiliate programs. Any type of product you can think of is most likely available for promotion through these guys.

Rakuten Linkshare – Rakuten is known to be one of the oldest affiliate networks on the internet today. This network offers some great features that separate it from the rest of the pack. To give you an example, it allows you to automatically rotate banners on your website to test which one is the most effective. This is a big advantage the it comes to optimising your offers. Linkshare also offers much more customisation with the types of campaigns you can run.

Amazon Associates – One of the longest running affiliate programs on the internet. Amazon associates is what sparked the explosion of affiliate marketing all over the world. Amazon has products from more than 1 million sellers, making it one of the most diverse affiliate programs on the market. Amazon’s affiliate technology is the easiest to use out of all the networks out there. You can literally be illiterate with computers and still set yourself up as an affiliate on this platform. It really is as simple as pushing a few buttons! On the other side of the coin, Amazon caters to advanced affiliates by offering custom tools and API’s integrations, there really is something for everyone here.

There are plenty of affiliate networks out there for you to choose from with thousands of different types products and services that you’re able to promote. I would recommend picking one thing that you like and specialising in that field. Become an authority in your chosen niche and build things out from there. You don’t want to be a generalist that is just trying to promote stuff and make that sale. Be genuine, provide value and actuality help people out and I can guarantee you that it’ll pay off in a big way for you.